PIR Sensor (2.4GHz)

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The PIR1-RF 2.4G motion sensor is a device designed for optimal lighting control in your home. Our wireless 2.4G motion sensor can easily be paired with any 2.4G-compatible product, ensuring instant activation of lighting upon motion detection. Additionally, it allows you to configure automatic light dimming after motion ceases, with an adjustable time delay ranging from 30 seconds to up to 10 minutes. The sensor can also function as a twilight sensor, automatically illuminating the light with minimal power when it gets dark and adjusting the brightness upon motion detection. Discover smart and tailored lighting solutions with our 2.4G motion sensor, designed to meet your specific needs.

PIR Sensor (2.4GHz)

Lamp on when people come | Lamp off when people leave Energy saving | Safe and durable

PIR1-RF motion sensor does not require additional devices to operate, you can assign it directly to any 2.4G product.

Accurately identify the movement of people to realize control of lamps when there’s one or is no one

Can be paired with one or more 2.4G RF series lamps

Support hold time setting

Built-in high-sensitivity photosensitive sensor

Strong magnetic mounting method

360° Flexible angle

Brightness can be adjusted when moving

The light turn on automatically when the sensor detects movement (Brightness 20% or 100%)

Photosensitive function

ON: Sensor works in dim environment
OFF: Sensors work all the time

Turning the night light on and off

ON: Brightness remains at 1% when dim
OFF: Automatically turn off when there is no movement (Bright or Dark)

Light-sensitive recognition, Smart experience

Smart sense light and dark state of the surrounding, and brighten as needed

Lamp does not work during the day or encounter strong light

Lamp only brighten when people pass at night or in the drak

Automatically turn on the night light when wake up at night

Guard the warm and long night, let the light move with you

120° Wide Angle Detection

Sensitively identify heat changes and intelligently sense human movement

It can be used after linked with the lamp, and the number of lamps is not limited


2.4GHz Remote

Set relevant functions

PIR Sensor


PIR Sensor

Link with lamp

2.4GHz Series Lamps

Installation Method

Desktop Placement

Wall Mount

Hanging Method

Suitable for many environments

Suitable for rooms, corridors, aisles, bedsides, porch and other occasions

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Model NO.: PIR1-RF